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My bio from the book

October 20, 2005

This is the short bio that’s printed on the back of Ultra Violet:

Author Ellen Henderson can handle a shotgun, ride a motorcycle, and scuba dive with sharks, but she still thinks writing is the biggest thrill of all. This is her first novel.

Doesn’t that make me sound so bad ass? Actually, it’s all true, but it’s not like I do that stuff on a daily basis, in between my afternoon commute and dinner with my husband and kid.

This one’s from several years ago

I do most of my macho pursuits at my dad’s place in the country. He’s a longtime motorcyclist and taught all us kids how to ride. I mostly ride the smallest bike out in the pasture, so that if I freak out and fall off I won’t die. (Probably.) Dad is also a skilled target and trap shooter, so as adults we’ve all gotten practice with everything from big shotguns to various handguns. I’m much more accurate shooting at Pepsi cans with a .22 than I am hitting clay pigeons on the fly, but I like the bang and the kick of the shotgun best.

I am an experienced diver — got my initial PADI certification in the early 1990s and my advanced cert in the early 2000s.

This was taken in Cancun, not Cozumel. The reefs in Cancun are a bit less than spectacular.

I’ve done most of my memorable diving in Cozumel, Mexico, where the reefs are spectacular and otherwordly. We’ve never sought out sharks, but we have run into them occasionally — the more benign nurse sharks, mostly. It’s not as dramatic as it sounds; when you’re down there with them, they just seem like another fish. Diving is like that in general, for me. When I’m on land it sounds scary and dangerous, but as soon as I hit the water it’s the most serene, peaceful place I’ve ever been.

Anyway, that’s the story behind my Bombshell bio.

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