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Where did I go?

March 1, 2011

If you’ve looked around the site, you may have noticed that a lot that went on in 2005, and then there was kind of a big gap until 2011. So, you may be wondering, what happened? Where did I go? Here’s the story.

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That's a cool logo right there

In 2005, I sold my book, Ultra Violet, to Silhouette for their Bombshell line. Bombshell was an interesting experiment — it combined romantic storylines with take-charge heroines in action-adventure plots. It was so right up my alley — I loved the Bombshell books, I loved being part of the Bombshell line, I loved the whole experience of Bombshell.

But for whatever reason, the line didn’t work out. Midway through 2006, Silhouette shut down Bombshell, and the next book I’d written didn’t really fit anywhere else at Harlequin/Silhouette. It was a bit of a rethinking point for me.

At the same time, I experienced a lot of life changes. I left the newspaper job I’d had for seven years and took some time to rethink my day job career path. After a few months of freelancing and consulting and thinking hard about what I wanted, I found a fabulous new job that required a steep ramp-up of intense learning and orientation. Just as I was settling in to that role, I got pregnant (hooray!). We dove into a nine-month frenzy of selling our old house and moving into a new one and getting everything ready for the kiddo’s arrival. Then came the newborn days, when my brain was sleep-deprived mush, and some days, honestly, it was all I could do to get pants on.

Yes, I will shamelessly use my cute baby to make you like me.

I was writing through all of this, but not very much, and not in any kind of focused way. For a while there, I just had to postpone the forward motion of my writing career.

When the kiddo was about 10 months old, the fog lifted a bit, and I started to find my writing groove again. It still took me a while to get a book finished, but I did it. Then I wrote another one — much faster this time. And now here I am, still crazy-busy with a demanding job and an adorable toddler and a life to manage like everyone else, but also with enough brain space for writing and, with luck, publishing again.

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