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Smokey is watching…

August 18, 2011

I don’t really like it when people Tweet/blog about their Twitter/blog followers. I think people obsess too much over those numbers and whether they can get Retweeted and so on, etc. But I have to report on my newest follower on Twitter because it’s … drumroll … SMOKEY THE BEAR!


When the notification came through that Smokey the Bear was now following me, my first thought was some variation on WTF? Why? Followed swiftly by, Smokey tweets? Followed by more general confusion BUT, ALSO, a sense of having had a brush with celebrity! Ursine celebrity, yes, but still! I was kind of excited.

But now I feel… awkward. Every time I go to Twitter, there’s Smokey’s no-nonsense avatar in my followers panel. And every time I post something goofy, which is often, I can’t help thinking, “Smokey is watching. Do you really want to waste Smokey’s time with this?” Then I post the goofy thing anyway, because I still have no idea what caused Smokey to follow me in the first place, so for all I know he LOVES rando comments about snacks my co-workers bring to the office and things that annoy me.

Stay tuned for updates to this post in case Smokey abruptly unfollows me.

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