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5 Ways Blogs Posts With Lists Make You Read Them

August 31, 2011

Why we do like listy posts so much? Here are my theories:

1. They give us a time parameter going in.
Five things? I have time for five things! Do it.

2. They’re easy on the eyes.
Everything’s set off in nice numbery lines. Maybe there will be no big blocks of text to penetrate.

3. They’ve got skim-friendly headers.
Even if there ARE big blocks of text in the descriptions, there will be big, bold, snappy headers for each section, and I can just read those and get the gist.

4. They provide that organization-by-osmosis feeling.
They’re organized, so we feel organized by some weird transitive property.

5. They promise a simple secret formula.
All I have to know are THESE FIVE THINGS! Boom, done!

Am I right?

* this post brought to you by the rarely aired web strategist side of my personality. It does exist, I just usually leave it at work.

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