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Preview of me as an old lady

September 12, 2011

I wrote on GeekMom a while back that I was going to stop resisting my hair’s slow progress toward crone-like silver, and that I thought I’d look superhero/cyborg cool with silver hair. Well, the other day I got a glimpse of what that might look like: I overdid it with the dry shampoo.

I’d never used spray-on shampoo before, but I have Problem Hair that tends to get oily very quickly, so I thought I’d give it a try. The bottle copy sounded so miraculous: “Just a quick spray transforms lifeless, limp hair into clean, fresh hair full of bouncy body.” Well. I’ve never had hair with “bouncy body” in my life, so I was excited. Apparently so excited I missed the part about “a quick spray.”

I kept spraying and spraying, not sure when I’d applied enough. It sprayed out a little bit gray-colored, but then it sort of melted into my hair, so it was hard to tell how much I’d really put on. Then the directions said to leave it in for a minute or two before brushing it out. So I wandered away to do something in the kitchen, and when I returned to the bathroom mirror, Granny from The Beverly Hillbillies was staring back at me.

I instinctively started brushing frantically, but after a couple of swipes, I noticed something. Just as predicted, it did look … kinda cool.

This was AFTER I'd already brushed it out some

I’m not saying I’m going to coat my head with spray shampoo every morning for an awesome new look. But I am kind of psyched about turning 70 someday.

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