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WRONG, Fortune Cookie

September 23, 2011

I know, I KNOW! Another fortune cookie post! I swear I don’t even eat Chinese food that much. But I keep running across these fortune cookie messages, and even though I have a whole separate rant about how most of them are more “advice cookies” than actual future-predicting “fortune cookies,” I often think they have interesting things to say that contain some grains of wisdom/truth.


Here’s the fortune:

Do not give up; the beginning is always the hardest.

Do not give up; the beginning is always the hardest.

OK, so kudos for the proper use of a semi-colon; that seems to be hard to master. (See what I did there?) But otherwise: No.

The beginning isn’t the hardest. The beginning is the best! The most fun! The most full of wonder and possibilities and excitement and hope! The beginning of what am I talking about, you ask? The beginning of anything! A romance, a manuscript, an exercise class, whatever. At the beginning, you’re pumped, you’re ready, you have energy blazing and you can take on anything.

Know what the hardest really is? The middle. After that initial flare of excitement is burned off, after the actual work part has set in, after you’ve been knocked back a few times and had to struggle back to your feet. The middle is where you slog. It’s where you doubt yourself. Worst of all, the middle sometimes looks like the end, or maybe like what should be the end, as in, maybe you should give up on this crazy thing you’re doing because it has run its course and it’s over and you’re the only one who doesn’t see that.

So, I call shenanigans, fortune cookie. But as for the “don’t give up” part? Well, I still believe in that.

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