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I love a (weird) parade!

September 29, 2011

Lots of states have their annual State Fairs in the summer, but not here in Texas, because it’s HOT AS HELL in Texas in the summer and nobody wants to go outside, much less eat a deep-fried Twinkie, when it’s 105 degrees.

But it’s finally cooling off a bit, and our State Fair starts tomorrow. Which means tomorrow is one of my favorite days of the year because it will include… *drumroll*… the State Fair of Texas Opening! Day! Parade!

It's nothing like this parade / Via stock.xchng

What I love about this parade is that it includes everyone and anyone, regardless of any connection to the Fair, the state of Texas, or anything. Bunch of random people with clown wigs and roller blades? You’re in. The guys from Medieval Times, complete with costumes and horses? Sure, why not? (I’ll tell you why not: horse poop. But whatever.) A selection of oddly titled beauty queens like Miss Northwest Dallas Under 30/Blond Hair Division? Hop up on a convertible and wave away! (Yes, I made that title up, but it’s not far from the real ones.)

I kind of laugh at it, but I kind of love it, too. It’s a big ol’ crazy assortment of whatever, and they don’t even throw any candy or beads or anything, but I’ll be there, like I am every year, partly because it’s right near my office building, yes, but partly because it really does make my day.

UPDATE: Some pics from the parade!

Roller bladers!


Elvises! On wee motorcycles!

Medieval Times guys! (You can't see the horse poop in this picture, but it was there. Oh, yes.)

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