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Queen of the Hastily Crafted Play-Doh Sculpture

October 13, 2011

Because I have a kid, I spend a lot of time doing things I haven’t done since I myself was a kid. Chalk drawing on the driveway, playing hide-and-seek, digging in mud, etc. And Play-Doh. We do a lot of Play-Doh.

I was pretty bad at Play-Doh as a kid. Sure, I mastered the Snake and the closely related Cinnamon Roll (a.k.a. “Coiled Snake”), but anything beyond that was beyond me. This is weird because I am now kind of AWESOME at Play-Doh!

Now, to appreciate this awesome skill of mine, you have to factor in that I am working “on demand” (“Mommy, make a whale!”) and that with my kid’s 3-year-old patience level (and my attention span) I’m only taking a few minutes to sculpt. Also, I only have one hand. (Not really, but that makes it seem much more impressive, right?)

Some of my masterworks:

Whale -- with removable waterspout!


Christmas Tree -- with multiple colors! (advanced!) (note new use for previously acquired snake-making skill!)


Volcano -- with toothpick holding smoke plume in place!


Superhero Guy -- with weird face!

OK, so maybe “awesome” is overstating it a little bit. But without even consciously realizing it, I had written Play-Doh off as a “thing I’m bad at.” It’s nice to find out that maybe those good-at vs. bad-at lines aren’t as concrete as I’d thought. It makes me want to try again at other things I’d mentally added to my “I can’t do that” list.

Now I’m off to try multiplying fractions!

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