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Yes, I am thankful

November 23, 2011

Lots of people have been doing the thankful-all-month thing, which I think is nice. I’m not nearly that organized, though, so I’m putting my thoughts all at once into a top 10 list. Of course, this won’t cover everything, but here are some of the things I’m glad about and appreciative of.

  1. My family — immediate, extended, blood, in-law, and otherwise. They are the warmest, smartest, funniest, wisest, most emotionally healthy people ever. I’m so lucky.
  2. My day job. Yes, it’s a “day job,” but it’s also a great place full of truly good people who give me creative work and lots of flexibility and support. Wow.
  3. My good health. I don’t really deserve it because I don’t exercise enough or eat healthy things enough or sleep enough, and that’s not even mentioning my current vices and vices in my past which should have done their share of damage, but so far… I’m lucky.
  4. My friends. They number more than I’d ever have expected, given my insular and introverted nature, they are all talented and kind and entertaining and delightful.
  5. The Internet. It informs and entertains me every day, and I can’t imagine writing a book without it because that would involve actual research at a library or something. Thank you, Internet.
  6. Diet Coke. Because it sustains me all day.
  7. Writers. All the ones I love, all of whom have taught me something. Some of them I know personally, and they’ve generously shared their hard-earned wisdom with me, about writing and much more. Most of them will never know my name, but they’ve shaped me through the books they wrote.
  8. Modern conveniences. I just never would have made it in pioneer days. I love air conditioning and central heating and microwaves and washing machines and online shopping and iPhones and so on, all the way down to these cool things that get cat hair off my furniture.
  9. Safety. I know the world is a dangerous place, but I happen to live in a peaceful, stable pocket of it, and I’m aware that’s amazing good fortune.
  10. An accumulation of little things: people who make me double over laughing, people who make me think, cozy clothes for lazy days, the adorable way my son says the word “snort,” vanilla ice cream with chocolate things in it, the way my husband throws his head back when he laughs really big, rainy days, good TV shows and podcasts, books books books, songs that insist that I dance, games my kid and I invent together, sunsets, and the moon. Joy in my heart — all of them.

Happy Thanksgiving, all.

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