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Another holiday fail!

December 19, 2011


OK, here’s the story. We bought holiday-shaped cookie cutters last year and had fun making cookies and decorating them. But my kid prefers chocolate chip cookies to sugar cookies, so this year he wanted to make the cutouts out of chocolate chip dough. I thought, why not? Cookies are cookies, right?

Well. The thing about chocolate chip cookie dough is that it’s very hard to get it to lay down flat, even with a rolling pin. The chocolate chips hamper all flattening efforts. So, what the hell, I left them kind of thick, and we made our shapes and carefully placed them on the cookie sheet, like so:

Exhibit A

I thought they turned out OK, although a little lumpy and weird-looking, studded with all those chocolate chips.

But then we cooked them, and anyone who’s more experienced in the kitchen than me (read: everyone) can guess how that turned out.

Exhibit Fail

We ended up using the cutters on the already-baked cookies to make them into shapes again, which turned out OK and — bonus — resulted in a big pile of cookie scraps that we are in no way too fancy to eat.

The lesson? Uh, I guess… that my kid should have low expectations about my cooking/baking abilities. Also, even mangled-looking cookies taste pretty good.

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