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Tin! Roof! (ice cream)

January 11, 2012

I can’t say “Tin Roof” without thinking of the B-52s, but what I’m talking about here is the most delicious and perfect Blue Bell ice cream variety on Earth. It is everything I want in an ice cream, and even though I generally have a policy against purchasing a giant tub of ice cream for home use, I can’t resist Tin Roof when it’s in the store.

I like how they give you a sneak peek through that little window. Oh yeah, you want to look.

The first thing is the ingredients: vanilla ice cream, chocolate fudge swirl, and dark-chocolate covered peanuts. Not too complicated, just a perfect balance of delightful things. It’s not too much chocolate, like some chocolate ice cream + chocolate chunk varieties, and it’s not too little chocolate (I’m looking at you, Chocolate Chip). It doesn’t have any gross caramel streaks or globs of raw cookie dough (ugh) or taste-free waffle cone chunks. It’s everything good, nothing bad.

But here’s why I really can’t resist it: YOU CAN’T GET IT ALL THE TIME. Blue Bell has got this Disneyfied-keep-it-in-the-vault thing going on, where some flavors are only available on a wildly unpredictable seasonal rotation. It totally gets me. I see the Tin Roof in the ice cream case, and I immediately salivate because¬†IT’S SO GOOD Y’ALL, but where I could normally overcome that, I also have this sense of “Oh, but when will I see you again, dearest Tin Roof?” urgency going on, and that I cannot fight.

Look at that and tell me you could resist.

So tonight I have a date with Tin Roof. Awesome.

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