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8 things I’m behind on…

February 22, 2012

1) Some stuff at the day job. Because there are a lot of things, so some of them inevitably get pushed behind other, more pressing things, and then it’s hard for them to struggle back to the front of the line.

2) Planning my kid’s birthday party. His birthday is coming up ridiculously fast, and I have not yet set a party date or sent any invitations or bought any presents or ordered any cake. It’s like I’m campaigning for a terrible mother award.

3) Hitting my self-imposed word count goals. Supposed to do at least 12K this month, and I think so far I’ve done 5500 or so. True, it’s been 5500 of some of the hardest stuff in the book, so it’s not too shocking that I’m slogging through it more slowly than I’d like, but still. Sheez. What’s the point of setting these goals if I’m not hitting them?

4) Getting my car registration sticker updated. They mailed me the paperwork. I lost the paperwork. It’s crazy-hard to get a new sticker without the &%*# paperwork, and when I call the tax office to request new paperwork, the automated answering thing won’t let me talk to a person about this situation. It’s not “you might have to hold for 20 years” or “leave a message and maybe we’ll call you back someday.” No, it’s “we can’t take your call, period, g’bye.” For two days now! During normal business hours! What the what?

5) Making a dentist appointment for my kid. See above re: terrible mother. Also, making a dentist appointment for myself. Sigh.

6) Writing posts for GeekMom. I’ve done two this month. TWO. Must whip out at least a couple more before the month escapes me completely.

7) Donating stuff. I’m very good about the sorting and the gathering of the things to donate, even putting them in little carry-bags all ready to go, and sometimes even loading them into the back of my car. Whee! I’m not so great at actually driving over to the donate place. So I guess I’ll just be driving around with a bunch of baby stuff and small child clothes and old paperbacks filling up my trunk for a while, rattling around whenever I take a corner and inconveniencing me whenever I unload the grocery cart.

8) Updating this blog. Look, nothing’s worse than the old “gosh I sure haven’t updated in a long time, so sorry” kind of blog post, like who the heck do you think is out there pining away for your blog posts, honey? And I do not set a quota for this blog, it’s just for me whenever I want to do it. But it’s still OUT THERE, mocking me with its three-week-old last update, so it goes on the list.

So, I am behind. But I am now fully caught up on listing the things I’m behind on, so that was a good use of my time. I think we can see how I get myself into these problems, yes?

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