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Egg Art

April 13, 2012

For the first time in probably 25 years, I dyed Easter eggs this year. But instead of buying those Paas kits that seem to have remained unchanged since I was a kid (dye pellets, hexagonal wire holder, etc.), we tried dyeing with Kool-Aid as recommended at GeekMom.

The results? Pretty interesting. I liked the bright colors and homespun speckled effect on the eggs, and the smell was delicious!

And we got a very cool effect from the Grape Kool-Aid:

Like a speckled rock or a dinosaur egg

The only downside is that the Kool-Aid doesn’t seem to soak in as well as regular dye, so we had a lot of “bleed” off the eggs during our hunt the next day.

But hey, it washed right off. And if you lick your hand -- yum!

A couple of days later, I spotted these treasures at my mom’s house:

They’re vintage tin Easter eggs from the 1950s or ’60s. My mom has had them since that time and kept them all these years. They originally came with some kind of candy inside and were made in the “British Crown Colony of Hong Kong,” according to the text printed on the back shell.

Next to all the chocolate, these are my favorite Easter things.

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