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Signs of the future

June 12, 2013

Future sidewalk sign

This is a sign that I pass on my way to my kid’s school. Every time I drive by it — even though I’ve now seen it hundreds of times — I am struck by how odd it is. Who is this announcement for? When will the promised sidewalk come to fruition? WHY ARE YOU TEASING ME, SIGN?

I know there’s probably a logical reason for it, probably something to do with land use laws and easements, but I like how absurd it seems. I’d like to go around planting signs like that — in my front yard: FUTURE FLOWER BED. Or in my office: FUTURE ORGANIZED DESK.

But what it really makes me think of is all the books I haven’t written yet. I get ideas for books all the time, but I have no notion of when I’ll get around to writing them, if ever. But still, they take up a little space in my brain that I sometimes visit. And when I go there, now I can picture a little yellow sign: FUTURE STORY.

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  1. August 11, 2013 3:12 AM

    that’s hilarious 😀

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