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Things I’ve learned: Vol. 2

February 20, 2014

I started out calling this kind of post “What I learned this week,” but it’s obvious I’m not going to keep up with it on anything like a weekly basis, so I’m changing it to just “Things I’ve learned.” Anyway, here are some of the things.

1. Wait, hold the phone. Pumpernickel means “goblin farts“??
(h/t to awesome podcast Good Job Brain)

2. You know how animals have scientific Latin names? Like, the eastern lowland gorilla is “Gorilla beringei graueri,” for example? Well, for some reason, the western lowland gorilla’s scientific name is “Gorilla gorilla gorilla.” Which is just fun to say!


I learned this at the zoo

3. Lemurs sometimes have “stink fights
(h/t to awesome podcast How to Do Everything)

4. Heating mercury thiocyanate basically shows you what a hellmouth would look like

5. Somebody in Portland changed a bunch of “STOP” signs to “POOP” signs. If you don’t laugh at that, you are way too mature for me.

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