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Ultra Violet

From her no-nonsense bob to her conservative job, Violet Marsh had only ever wanted to fit in. But during a secret experiment in a secret facility, someone changed everything… by changing her into the fastest human on the planet. So what’s a suddenly superhuman gal to do?

Reversing the procedure was Violet’s endgame when she joined forces with cloak-and-dagger Gideon Enterprises, a company out to get the scientists who’d experimented on her. Until one tall, dark agent made her rethink her whole life – and she learned there was another guinea pig. A child. Violet faced a choice: walk away and go back to “normal,” or risk her life and use her new powers to help. It was really no choice at all…

Silhouette Bombshell – October 2005
ISBN 0-373-51378-X

Reviews for ULTRA VIOLET:

4 STARS– “An interesting plot and compelling characters”
– Alexandra Kay, Romantic Times

4 HEARTS – “Debut author Ellen Henderson certainly knows her way around a creative idea, and ULTRA VIOLET is an engaging romantic suspense.”
– Cathy Sova,

“ULTRA VIOLET mixes a little bit of medical science fiction with suspense, making it a fascinating story… A real page-turner that I readily recommend”
– Jennifer Bishop, Romance Reviews Today

“Ellen Henderson skillfully carries the reader into a world of intrigue in ULTRA VIOLET with a well-developed cast of characters, which plays reality against ‘over the edge’ possibilities.”
– Lucele Coutts, NovelTalk

4 STARS – “This intriguing story has an ongoing mystery intertwined with a delightful romance.”
– Amelia Richard, CataRomance

“I was caught up in Violet’s life from the very first page and couldn’t put the book down.”
– Char, Romance Junkies

“A romantic suspense thriller that grips the reader… Fans will appreciate this fun tale while waiting for future Gideon Enterprises’ capers.”
Harriet Klausner

“New author Ellen Henderson has created an innovative story brimming with action and a very believable and vulnerable kick-butt heroine.”

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